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     License Child Care with inclusion                 Planting  the Seed


Presenting our idea of planting the seed about our community outreach program. We'll try to convey our message. Our cause and the kind of work we do. The overall goals of our organization programs are to assist individuals and low income families. Our services do include affordable child care (including the special needs children),adult education, job readiness training, job search and placement assistance.. We do have a program for youth after school. Our services will focus on assistating families to become self-sufficient in making decisions about their needs and the needs of their children. We want to succeed in developing high quality programs that will open a world of opportunities for the individuals and families we serve. By partnering with the public and private agencies we have been able to do just that. In order to be successful in the coming years. We plan on continuing to build our partnership on a good foundation and making commitments to our community and the families and individuals we serve.

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 Planting the seeds for our community children, to provide the skills and collaborative approach with community partners  to have appropiate programs and training. To enhance the childrens role in our community.

Mission Statement

To provide quality child care ( including the disable child). Assist Families in need

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